Admired Miranda - Interview with Hannah Rose

We talk to Hannah Rose, who will be playing Miranda in this season's opening production of The Tempest. Hannah trained with Academy Theatre Arts College and was an original member of the Young Rep.

Hannah Rose will be appearing as Miranda in the 2019 season opener of The Tempest.

1. What is it that interests you most about your role in The Tempest?

Miranda is a very compassionate and innocent individual, due to the fact that she has only ever interacted with her father and Caliban. It will be interesting to take on the role of such a pure character who has no idea of what love or beauty “should” look like.

2. What attracted you most about The Tempest?

Elements of magic run throughout The Tempest and I’m looking forward to how Ben (the director) and the technical crew will create this at Huntingdon Hall. I’m also excited to work in this space for the first time!

3. How does The Young Rep differ from The Worcester Rep?

Surprisingly, the Young Rep doesn’t differ much from the main company! In the Young Rep we were treated the same as members of professional company, which created a professional yet fun atmosphere and gave me a real taste of what it’s like to work in the industry professionally.

4. Miranda is a strong willed young woman, who do you think she would compare to in the modern day and why?

I think that Miranda would compare to actress Emilia Clarke, not only because they are both strong people in a gentle manner, but also because they both have a genuine pureness about their personalities.

5. Do you have a favourite line from The Tempest?

“O brave new world. That has such people in’t!” Shows Miranda’s pure excitement to go into the world and meet new people which reminds me of my own goal to travel the world and meet all sorts of people along the way!

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